classes for bsc cs (Bachelor of Science in Computer Science)

Do you know what is Bachelor of Science in Computer Science ( bsc cs ) ????

Let us help you in understanding what is bsc cs syllabus and how does it help you to enhance yours Career

  • who can do Bsc cs
    • Students completed their HSC in science or in commerce can enroll for bsc cs.(first year)
  • How to do bsc cs in effective way
    • Bsc it consist of 6 sem, all sems has programming as well as theoretical subjects, with practicals.
    • Students should do detail study about subjects, theory as well as practical subjects.
    • Theory subjects are conceptual and will help with relating things in real world.
    • Practical subjects are those subjects which consist of coding and methodologies here students have to put plenty amount of  efforts because once student understand concept, syntax, logic he is ready to work with other technologies. in industry we need coders , automation testers.
    • Referring question answer pattern notes might be helpful for short time, and student will be useless after passing bsc cs, the reason is that its into the box study. many times students dont attempt question because they dont understand what to write due to question is asked in twisted manner. dynamic and detail study is important.
    • Students can refer classes notes, classes forum, tech-max, sheth, reference books, ebooks.
    • Dont do yours bsc cs for name sake, getting jobs in IT industry with shallow knowledge is not possible, it will waste yours 3 years, and the reason of doing bsc cs will be waste.
  • What can you do after bsc cs
    • Student can do his masters in IT/CS (Msc IT/CS) (2 years)  no entrance is needed
    • Student can do his masters in COMPUTER APPLICATION (MCA) (3 years) entrance is needed (from sem 5 onwards, mca entrance classes starts along with regular study)
    • Student can do his MBA in any stream (form IIM) CAT entrance is necessary
    • Student can apply for Btech
    • Note : Master in IT/CS (Msc IT/CS) / MCA / MBA will we more effective with JOB.
  • Types of jobs bsc cs students can do after graduation
    1. IT Industry seeks for students who has in depth knowledge of programming, coders have great value in market, they get good salary, and within 5 years they can reach 6 figure salary. (Highly recommend for good future)
    2. Software Testing Jobs.
    3. Desktop support jobs.
    4. Networking jobs.
    5. Software support jobs.
    6. GIS support tools.
    7. Etc.
  • Syllabus of bsc cs (mumbai university)
    1. First year
    2. Second Year
    3. Third Year