Afreen Shaikh

The BEST classes where you can learn, explore and acquire deep knowledge about programming. Well, its was a GREAT experience studying with WE.IT

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Ravina daki

Best class for IT & CS .I was part of we-it for my last academic year of bsc it and I scored good marks n theory as well as in project. Teaching method is easy n understand.Notes are also being provided for all subjects.Teaching staff is very well experienced n very co operative.Project guidance is given very well . Good class for one who willing want to be a good developer.It was great experience studying in we-it. Happy n proud to be an we-itan.

Kedar Sathaye

Best for programming language !!!!

Shraddha Gujrathi

Best for coding ......

Vidya Godse

Great platform to learn programming languages,database And networking concepts..surely it’s going to help u in ur future career..and I am one of them who got benefit from this...special thanks to Siddhesh sir..

Simranjit Singh Bharaj

Excellent teaching, best project guidance. Always the students are encouraged to stretch themselves and reach for the stars, the team backs each other and the champions each other - great culture.

Rajendra Talekar

WE-IT tutorials is the best for programming languages and coding. The teaching staff is experienced. Project guidance is also done very well. They focus on increasing the capability of student instead of spoon feeding them. It has been a truly invaluable learning experience for me. Best class for BSC-IT/CS. WE-IT ROCKS!

Argha Karmakar

Thank you for an incredible teaching. After all, what good are great teachers who can’t be found??? WE-IT provided the perfect blend. Perfect coding, perfect studies, perfect teachers and students make WE-IT a perfect institute. Thanks for making studies so much fun!