Sandeep Tiwari

"India's best classes to be a great programmer"
Best place for B.Sc. IT and B.Sc. CS Students.
--Sandeep Tiwari,

Currently I'm working as a Sr. Software Developer one and only because of We-IT.
I'm very happy to say i was the student of We-IT Tutorials.
I'm very thankful to We-IT Tutorials

Afreen Shaikh

The BEST classes where you can learn, explore and acquire deep knowledge about programming. Well, its was a GREAT experience studying with WE.IT


great staff…. In just few weeks, I learned techniques that I will use over a lifetime to improve my practical knowledge. WE-IT is great for practical knowledge and theory also. I highly recommend it.”

suraj sadanand mhashelkar

WE-IT is better. follow n refer we it notes then got easily 60 tp 70 percentage easily. i also referred exams last few days we it notes then i got 60 percent in bachelor computer science. thanks we it.

Justin Albert

The best ever classes for Bsc Computer Science and Bsc IT. Especially if you want to become a software developer specially in coding, then WE-IT Tutorials is the best.

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Ravina daki

Best class for IT & CS .I was part of we-it for my last academic year of bsc it and I scored good marks n theory as well as in project. Teaching method is easy n understand.Notes are also being provided for all subjects.Teaching staff is very well experienced n very co operative.Project guidance is given very well . Good class for one who willing want to be a good developer.It was great experience studying in we-it. Happy n proud to be an we-itan.

Kedar Sathaye

Best for programming language !!!!

Shraddha Gujrathi

Best for coding ......